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Phone: 716-550-0550 (USA), 905-581-3993 (Canada)

The price is per taxi upto 5 person

Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls - $55
Niagara Falls to Buffalo Airport - $55
Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls (Ont, Canada) - $79 + $3 (tolls)


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*IMPORTANT POLICY : Please understand that AAA transportation goes to a great length to protect our clients from account fraud by guarding their accounts as "Confidential." It is our strict policy that we do not provide a client with an account number when reserving a cab ride. If the client is unable to provide their account information, they are asked to call back with account information. This is a security measure that was adopted to protect our clients from any potential fraudulent use the account. For your personal/company's vital protection, your account number should not be given out to anyone. If for some reason you decide to provide your account number to anyone, you do so in understanding that your personal/company account is responsible for payment without exemption. It is important that anyone having an access to your account information is informed, aware, and abides to the travel parameter/limitations by you or your organization (i.c. no waiting time allowed, travel allowed only to specific locations, etc.) Your company is solely responsible for the payment of services rendered by passengers or employees' "misuse" authorized to travel on your account. We do appreciate your business and strive to ensure that you receive the best possible service. Please feel free to contact me at any time for any special needs, requests, questions or concern you may have.

*CANCELLATION POLICY : Please note cancellation is accepted for 12 hours of form submission.

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